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Whatever the message, words tell the story. They create moods and emotions, they keep the reader interested (or not) and they ultimately sell the product - your product.

Getting the words right is not easy. It takes skill and experience and an understanding of what the client wants to say – even if they are not too sure themselves.

Good copywriting is about using language the audience will understand – whether that audience consists of experts looking for in-depth information or people who need a basic knowledge of a complex subject – and it’s about making that language work.

Not only can the right language sell your product, but the wrong language can damage your reputation. Sending potential customers marketing material that is poorly phrased, confusing or littered with spelling misteaks could do you more harm than good.

Think about it. You can hardly claim to provide a quality, professional service based on customer care and attention to detail if your letters are badly spelled and poorly-drafted. Think it doesn’t matter? Sorry, it does. Think it would cost too much to put it right? Wrong – try us.

At Go4 Marketing and Public Relations we have experience in writing words for everything from a county structure plan to a small ad. We can turn council speak into bright and breezy copy, we can write press releases that drop straight onto the page and we can find a snappy one-liner in the middle of a strategic document.

We are sticklers for accuracy, we care about good grammar and we believe that words matter; that’s why we take so much trouble to get them right.

From specialist editing and neighbourhood newsletters to strategic summaries

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