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Getting your name on the gong.

Awards are big business these days, with all the razzmatazz that used to be reserved for the Oscars now lavished on anything from Window Cleaner of the Year to the South East Regional Mousetrap Design Awards.

Win yourselves an award and it guarantees a week or two of press coverage, a gong for the boardroom, a classy footnote to the corporate stationery and a warm glow.

At the very least, having your company’s success recognised by your peers will boost staff morale; at best it can give you some very useful publicity and possibly more business.

But how do you get to the dinner jacketed finals of your own particular ‘best in show’ awards? Well it’s not, sadly, just by being the best in show.

Award entry forms are usually long, always complicated and need a particular approach if you are going to stand any chance of being warmly applauded by your fellow guests as the champagne corks pop all around.

What are the judges looking for? How do I say what I mean? I know why we’re good, but I just can’t put it into words. I’m sure we could win this if only I had time to tackle the form…

If those thoughts seem familiar to you, then talk to Go4 Marketing and Public Relations the next time you spot an application form for a chance to win an engraved piece of obscurely-shaped glass.

We have the experience, the copywriting skills, the commitment and the know-how to complete that 16-page form and put you in with a chance. And you just might invite us to the dinner…

We can’t guarantee you’ll win, but if your mousetrap really is that good we’ll at least make sure that the judges understand why.

Call Go4 Marketing and Public Relations Ltd today on 01233 636878 or email to see what we can do for you. Initial consultations are free and without obligation.

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